about us


Future Data Sense Technologies (FEDASEN) is a team of technology specialists, domain experts, researchers, ML engineers, data scientists, and software developers who are experts in developing innovative solutions and applications in Infrastructure Asset Management focusing on roads and transport networks.

FEDASEN is a technology company that employs a smart combination of deep domain knowledge, high-quality GIS software, artificial intelligence and high-tech recording hardware to provide a next-generation intelligent solution for automatically detecting, classifying and managing roadside assets and defects.

By convergence and applying Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Geospatial technologies, we have developed intelligent & automated solutions to conduct roads and roadside maintenance.

Through our extensive research on current methods and technologies for monitoring, managing, maintaining and planning road assets, we have come up with innovative and unique approaches to overcome the current challenges by utilising and applying the right technologies and tools.

FEDASEN Intelligent Road Analyser